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Your idea may change the world, only if you bring it to life

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The Association of Innovation and Technology Commercialization (AITC) is an independent body that promotes technology transfer.  Our extensive network across various industries means we understand the idiosyncrasies and differentiations of local innovation systems for each technological area. 
The  philosophy of AITC is to build on existing strengths and help organisations and companies to build the potential of their commercialisation pipelines. We achieve the mission by developing the host's capabilities,  stimulating networking initiatives, and providing advisory service in the planning and delivery of the technology commercialisation process.
Through a combination of meetings, workshops and entreprenuerial activies, we work with our innovators to go through different stages of the product cycle. 
Ingrid Wong
The founder of AITC is an experienced professional in pharmaceutical and life sciences industry. After the entreprenuership study at the University of Cambridge, Ingrid gathered a group of industry experts and academic professionals from the top universities in the world to found AITC.  
Ingrid is dedicated to promote technology transfer. She belives that innovative solutions are pivotal to solve the emerging challenges in the world; and only viable solutions provide sustainable benefits to human mankind. 

BSc(Hon), Mphil (CUHK), Mphil (Cambridge),

Fouder & President
" You will never know the actual impact of a simple idea unless you bring it to the world "





To promote technology transfer, we collaborate with universities, education insitutes and organizations to organize workshops, seminars and social activities
Our experts provide advisory services on business development, product development and commercial strategy
We offer secondment entreprenuership training to research institutes and business startup 

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